3 things that make cancer insurance cost more

Just as vehicle insurance offers different costs depending on the car or the characteristics of the driver, the same happens with cancer insurance. Protecting yourself against cancer can be more expensive for some people and that will depend on certain elements.

The age

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The younger you are, the less risk you have of this disease. It is not impossible, but less common. That is why policies for those under 22 are considerably cheaper than those for those over 30. The bottom line is that the sooner you make sure, the cheaper it will come out.

Smoker or non smoker

Smoker or non smoker

If you have a habit of smoking, this will automatically increase the cost of your insurance, as it increases the risk of lung cancer.

Previous diseases

There are many insurances that do not cover people if they have previously suffered from some type of cancer, while others raise the cost of the policy, since the risk of relapse is much higher. How to know if the cancer insurance I want is ideal for me? Cancer insurance with or without a copayment? How does it work and what is best for me? Cancer insurance: One of the key factors to win the battle against cancer This is what you will pay for a cancer treatment, according to your profile The 3 most common excuses for not acquiring cancer insurance. It is important to keep this in mind, as it will help you make better use of your policy.

Not all insurances are governed under the same conditions, but these three elements influence the price determination. However, paying for the policy remains considerably cheaper than paying for cancer treatment. If you want to make sure you get the lowest price, an alternative is to compare the options using a cancer insurance comparator, such as Dorothy’s.