Another official at The Villages worries about ruptured water pipes

Another official from The Villages has raised concerns about the number of water pipe ruptures occurring in The Villages.

“It seems like there are a lot of them,” Supervisor Don Deakin said at the Community Development District 4 supervisory board meeting on Friday.

He pointed to a water leak last week that crossed the asphalt on Legacy Lane in the Marion County section of The Villages.

“It was a feeder from a 16 inch pipe,” Deakin said.

He added that this was disturbing as CDD 4 is one of the “newer” sections of The Villages north of County Road 466.

However, Deakin received some setback from the senior District Property Management official.

“Infrastructure is not new. We’re not seeing an excessive number of failures, ”said Bruce Bruce, who took on the leadership role of District Property Management earlier this year after Blair Brown left.

Earlier this month in the village of Hemingway, a water pipe rupture resulted in a preventative boil water advisory that affected 200 homes as well as the Kenya Starter Shack and the cart storage building Havana Golf Course.

Last month, a water pipe rupture in the village of Mira Mesa created a sinkhole that engulfed a vehicle.

In April, a water pipe rupture at Colony Plaza forced the closure of several businesses. That same month, a lightning strike destroyed two water pipes in the village of Tamarind Grove.

Community Development District 1 supervisor William Jenness once suggested that aging pipes in villages need to be replaced with pipes made from modern materials.

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