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SIKESTON, MO — Area real estate agents went live on Monday with a new MLS system, making it easier for them to help buyers and sellers in southeast Missouri.

The Bootheel Board of Realtors has released Maris, a brand new MLS. It is the one that is already used in many states and has now been adopted by the Bootheel Board of Realtors.

“I could get this information before, it was just a lot harder to get,” said Emily Deuster of Century 21 Premier Realty. Deuster is also chairman of the Bootheel Board of Realtors. “Now it will be faster and easier for everyone.”

The system streamlines many processes for real estate agents behind the scenes. This, in turn, will help buyers and sellers in the area.

“We will be able to do a lot more at a much faster pace,” said Sikeston real estate broker and agent Lisa Russell. “We all need this information for all surrounding areas to better serve everyone, not just the Sikeston area.”

Estate agents say it will save them hours of research they previously had to do to find the information they needed about properties.

Maris also involves regular audits and checks to hold people accountable. This helps standardize information and control the entire area.

“In the past, there was no accountability there,” Deuster said. “So now everyone will be on the same page, everyone will have equal access to listings, better opportunities to get our customers in the door.”

It also allows them to do a personalized search of people looking for homes and get regular updates.

“If they speak to a Realtor in one of our offices, we can set them up for a personalized search through Maris, and again, remember, every new listing in the Board of Realtors Association area will in Maris MLS,” Deuster said. “If it meets the criteria for the home they’re looking for, they’ll know instantly.”

Maris is already widely used in the area and is helping more Southeast Missouri real estate agents work closely with area communities.

“All these surrounding areas, the larger cities, are already on Maris. For us, by finally stepping in and being with Maris, we’re finally going to be integrated with them and help us serve everyone, and help realtors serve each other better.

They also think it’s a very good time for all of this to happen, especially with the recent growth in the region.

“Things are a little tough with the economy, but here things are happening,” Russell said. “Business will continue, people will always move, people will always move. There are a few new places opening up that will create new jobs that will sustain us through inflation, so it’s thriving here.

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