Creepy Dolls Help Sell New Orleans Home After Day On The Market

One of many photos of ads with dolls for the New Orleans home (NOLA Living Realty)

How do you turn a dilapidated house in New Orleans into the best listing on and sell it in just one day? Two words: scary dolls.

NOLA Living Realty agent Tony Bertucci took a look at what he called the ‘hideous and horrible’ vibe of his home by putting spooky dolls around his decaying interiors for the listing photos. , according to a report published in KNWA.

Bertucci, who bought the house built in 1966 to turn it over, had to focus on repairs to other buildings after Hurricane Ida. He demanded $ 149,500 on the property and dug up some creepy dolls left by the previous owner to “clear up the photos of the house.”

“I did it just to draw attention to the house, because the house was so hideous and horrible,” Bertucci said.

The plan worked – the house went under contract after only a day on the market. Naturally, several potential buyers asked about the dolls and if the house was haunted.

It was the most popular ad on last week, beating a Michigan home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and the longtime Massachusetts farmhouse of Aerosmith co-founder Joe Perry.

The house itself totals 1,370 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Bertucci wrote that there is room for a driveway in the back and the house could be made larger by about 700 square feet by fencing off the garage.

It’s all after you’ve cleaned up what’s already there and perhaps more importantly, getting rid of those dolls. Or not.

[KNWA] – Denis lynch

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